Contact us at  we prefer to interview people first by e-mail.

I prefer initial contact via e-mail and if we are mutually interested in further discussions we can
talk on the phone or meet.  Do expect when reserving a puppy at Davikas labs that you will have to
actually come here in person to pick up your puppy.  We do not ship puppies for sale "sight unseen"
but we are 45 minutes from Manchester Boston regional airport if you wish to get a puppy from us
we can arrange even to meet you there.  Most of our puppies are sold in our local area of New
England since our reputation in the area is upstanding but we understand that people sometimes
move and want another Davikas lab or that they have a desire for one of our pups for other reasons.
Please inquire if interested in getting on our waiting list for a puppy.
•Pictures of the litter are posted usually bi-weekly on my facebook page.  You also can poke around in albums to see some prior litters we have
had and when possible I also update some of the pictures of puppies we have bred in those albums to give a feel for what our dogs grow into.
Our labrador retriever puppies are socialized and handled daily.  They are in our house and play with our children and their moms.  They go
home with care instructions after they have been health certified by our veterinarian. They have been given first shots and wormed several
times.  At Davikas Labs we take pride in the puppies we produce.  Every litter is raised with careful attention and always as if it was our first.  
Our puppies are known for making great companions to their families as pets and in the field.  We are committed to being a source of guidance
to everyone who gets a puppy from us for their entire life.  We produce lab puppies of all standard recognized coat color in chocolate, black,
yellow ( fox red being a recognized shade of yellow).  The standard does not recognize champagne, charcoal or silver labradors.
Available Adult Dogs :  Many are spoken for ahead of time but we do prefer the homes our puppies have already had success in.
On occasion we have retirees available for forever loving homes or even young adults that do not make the cut for our selective breeding
program.   In some cases these girls and boys make perfect companions for someone wanting a mature trained dog that is already sound in
body and mind and social with other animals and children.  We just cannot keep every retiree here as much as we would like to
.  Older dog
want a slower mode of life and they end up having more specialized needs than that of the more rambunctious younger pack.   We  charge
50 for our retirees with an agreement that the new owner will spay or neuter the dog within weeks of their purchase.  Younger dogs may be
more cost but each situation a price will be set.  We do require that their home be suitable for one of our precious dogs
and we will plan to
visit first with our dog at your house to make sure they will be safe and fit in to the environment.  I
f you are interested please inquire about
adult placements.  

Davikas labs has been caring for labs since 1992.  We specialize in Black Labs, Yellow Labs, Fox Red Labs and Chocolate Labs.

NH Labrador Retriever Puppy Breeder:
Kate Champney
Epsom New Hampshire

I prefer initial contact via e-mail and if we are mutually
interested in further discussions we can talk on the phone.


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Davikas Labrador Retrievers

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Example of our puppy sale contract
Co ownerships:  Davikas' co-ownership program allows breeding dogs to live in a home environment and allows us to continue our
breeding program without the need to keep a lot of dogs onsite giving us time to provide additional training and care to those who are here on
premise. With this program, the co-owned dogs are able to have a wonderful life, living in a family home. At 8-weeks of age we select the puppy
and the chosen puppy will go to live with the co-owner. We maintain full ownership through AKC registration and there is a special contract
that details the co-ownership commitments and obligations where we in essence refund the price of the dog as each stage of the process is
obliged or at the end of the four breeding times you can receive a puppy from her last litter.

When the puppy reaches 2-years of age, the dog will have to pass all required health clearances prior to breeding and when the time is right,
the dog will be bred to a compatible male of our choosing and stay with us from that time until all puppies in the litter are placed in secure
homes. This is approximately a 19-22 week process for each breeding.They always settle in nicely for being a mama here since they remember
their first home forever with Davikas and we have already imprinted on them.  Once the breeding females has produced her fourth litter of
puppies, she is retired from the breeding program and will be spayed and continues to live with her family.

We also have a few arrangement with this for boys but its not based on number of litters but based on age of dog when breeding will be ended.
It could be up to 4 times a year we could need the boy to stay here for a full two weeks to fulfill his stud assignment.  There could be times
when he is not needed that often since we need to ensure we have a good breeding match first.

This arrangement has proven to be very successful. This allows the dog to live a happy life, living with a family that loves and adores him/her
and gives the dog continuity so that they do not have to find love with a new family later in their life. We have had a few select families that
keep two of our dogs of the same sex so that they are not missing complete companionship when we have one in for breeding. Please contact
me if this arrangement would be of interest to see if we can work together and if we have any upcoming situations.